Core Rising

Took the opportunity to head out to a 140 year old church (old by Australian standards) in a bortle 2 area on this still calm night. Took a few slider runs with my Syrp gear as well as taking the time to produce a high resolution composite image of a long exposure foreground to reduce shot noise, then combined with a 2 panel tracked panorama of the Milky Way core consisting of 4 x 2 minute exposures for each panel. This was stacked for noise reduction and to pull out fine detail, then panorama created and image brought together in Affinity Photo.

Shooting Orion

Finally made it out again after taking a big chunk of time off over the new year break to get some much needed R&R. Headed out here to the lovely town of Maldon to try and capture the Beehive Chimney stack as my foreground subject to the Orion constellation composition as well as testing out some new gear, the Moza Slypod Pro. Results weren’t exactly what I had in my minds eye, but still just so great to get out under the stars again.

Farewell Milky Way Core

With all the lock downs and the wetter than usual weather patterns due to La NiƱa, I feel like the 2021 Milky Way core season has barely got here and find myself scrambling to find time and clear sky in the last few weeks before it disappears from view until the new year. It’s not about quantity though, it is about quality, and I feel I managed to a couple of really great nights out to see out the season. Will be looking for different targets over the summer months, but am already looking forward to the Milky Way core returning to the eastern skies in the wee hours of the morning in late January.