Starlink Photobomb

After what seemed like an eternity, I was lucky enough to have two full clear nights over the weekend for the new moon. An opportunity I was looking to fully make use of. I had two great nights under the stars in a total of three different locations to watch the Milky Way rise in the East in the wee hours of the morning. Upon a quick scan of the photos I saw the regular plane trails which I generally like to leave in as it gives a sense of scale against our galaxy, besides they are usually out of frame quickly enough. It wasn’t until a few days later when looking at the longer exposure shots of my Panasonic GX85 (a camera not renowned for it’s low light capability) that I noticed something significantly more. I wasn’t too worried about the images from my GX85 as that was only for something to do, so I quickly checked the images from my Sony A7R which I had setup on a slider. Sure enough, of the 325 images I shot on my main camera that night, 65 of them had been photobombed by Starlink.

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